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You could get the same services from independent escorts as escorts who work for agencies, but there are clear differences.

The differences are the distinguishing factors between the two escorts. Basically, the independent agent is self-employed while agency escorts work under an organization. If you don’t understand the difference between the two, it will be difficult for you to get the best options.

There are plenty of escort agencies with websites that allow you to hire the escort of your choice. They also provide reviews which you can use to judge the agency or escort before you hire them. If you are traveling, you can get guides from travel platforms.

Here are some major differences between independent escorts and agency escorts


This is a major difference between independent and agency escorts.  Independent agents are more flexible since they have total control of their whole schedule. Escort agents on the other had are bound by rules set by the agency.

Independent agents are not only flexible, but very affordable. You will pay way less to hire an independent agent than an agent that works with an agency. However, if the independent agent does no deliver the services promised, you will have no one to report to and might not get any refund at the end of the day.


This is another major difference between independent and agency escorts. Majority of the independent escorts can be found in brothels because it offers them space to advertise their services to the market. Brothels give independent agents a chance to advertise the services they offer.

Agency escorts don’t work in brothels because the agency markets all their services. Escorts that work in agencies are in better positions when it comes to meeting new clients. This is because agencies help market their services and have a worldwide market base. Escorts who work with agencies have a better chance at success mainly because the agencies are well known and connects them to higher paying clients.

Independent agents on the other hand are at a better position to do better advertisement because they are not restricted by this standard set by the agencies.

The future of the business

Basically, independent agents don’t have a defined future because they don’t have guaranteed pay and clients. Agency escorts work to maintain aa high profile for their clients, which increases the promise for more clients for their escorts in the future.

Final word

Regardless of the differences mentioned, you can be sure tofind great services from both ends. Even so, you are bound to find bad services both independent and agency escorts. This is why it is wide to ensure you check available information first before you hire any kind of escort.  Independent escorts are flexible because, like I mentioned they are in full control of what they do. Agency escorts on the other hand are bound by rules created by the agency. This means when you are in quick need of an escort, you will be better of booking an independent agent.  Independent escorts are also cheaper and more flexible when it comes to the payments

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