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Escort services are created to offer a variety of companionship options for the client. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to, have sex or attend a work party with you, escort services will do the trick. The time you spend with the escorts/client should be enjoyable whether sexually charged or not. this can only be achieved if both of you are comfortable, have a positive mind and generally just relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.


As a client; you need to look the part and make sure you maintain hygiene and cleanliness of you want your escort to provide you with the best services. This applies t everyone you are looking to become intimate with, including escorts.  The worst you can od is show up moody and with a bad bod order. This will not impress anyone and they might actually leave. Clean up, dress nice, wear a nice perfume and you will receive the best service.

Escort make sure they maintain cleanliness on their part because this is their jobs. When you boo an escort, you expect them to give you their best, and that is what you will always get.


Escort services has each escort listed on their website; plus, the price you have to pay. So essentially, when a client is booking an escort, they have to agree on a certain price for a certain amount of time first. The prices will differ based on the services they offer.

For some escorts, the agreed amount is paid in advance in cash but for others you can make the payment during the time you spend together, it all depends on the policies of the escort services they work with.

Before sex

For clients, before having sex with the escort you should make an effort to spend a little time together first. You can have dinner and conversations about anything as long as they don’t get too personal. Personal questions are a turn off and could ruin your time together. Respect the escort’s privacy as they do your own.

Escorts should play their role to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible when spending time together before sex. Working on your personality, how you speak, eating etiquette and more will impress your clients.


Safety is first when it comes to sex between the client and escort. All sexual activities must be done wearing protection. This is extremely essential for the health of the client as well as the escort.

As a client, you should not as for extra services especially when you have not paid for. Keep in mind that the only service you should expect are the ones agreed upon.

Final word

As an escort, it is your duty to know all what the client wants. When you show up for the set meeting, you have to make sure you look perfect. This is the best way to ensure you get long term clients which is good for your business. these rules and etiquette will make the best out of your experience as a client or escort.

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